Tenant Improvement (TI)

We specialize in tenant improvement projects across various sectors, including retail, medical offices, and schools in Los Angeles.

Our tailored renovations align with PSD’s vision, enhancing interiors, installing customized fixtures, optimizing functionality, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Whether it’s creating efficient retail spaces, healthcare facilities, or educational environments, PSD delivers personalized solutions that reflect excellence.

Our services in LA include:

  1. Tenant Improvement Projects: We transform spaces to meet specific needs, ensuring seamless functionality and adherence to industry standards.
  2. Commercial Services: PSD offers comprehensive commercial services, including renovations, compliance management, facility maintenance, and project management.
  3. Residential Expertise: For custom homes, we provide architectural design, renovations, interior design, and energy-efficient solutions.
  4. Acoustical Ceilings: Our T-bar ceiling installations enhance aesthetics and acoustic performance.
  5. Design-Build Approach: PSD streamlines construction processes, offering faster delivery, cost savings, and quality assurance.
  6. Recording Studios: We create superior environments for artistic expression and sound production.